Compare communication management and serial device servers

1. Different Appearance

Communication manager, a standard 1U high 19-inch rack installation, metal housing. Serial device servers, 0.6U height of 4.8 inches small port rack-mount unit.

Compared with the serial communication management server machine, handsome in appearance, easy to set screens, big housing space, the metal shell good heat dissipation.

2. Different Rotocols

PUMG2500 downlink communication manager interface communication protocols MODBUS-RTU, DL645, CDT91, DNP3.0, IEC 870-5-101,102,103,104, SPABUS, uplink interface protocols IEC 870-5-104, MODBUS-TCP Wait.

Serial device server has downstream interface protocol Modbus-RTU, Modbus-ASCII, uplink interface communication protocol is Modbus-TCP.

Uplink communication manager uses IEC 870-5-104 protocol used in remote, telemetry uploading case, has the advantage of remote communication function priority upload, protection action signal and fault alarm signal can be quickly communicated, Modbus-TCP is not having such characteristics.

Communication manager can be based on the characteristics of non-standard protocols, the development of add drivers, and the server can only be done through the serial port transmit Modbus protocol does not support the expansion.

Therefore, communication manager of the agreement rich, and better communication.

3. Different Hardware Configuration

PUMG2500 communication manager 32-bit high-speed dual-core embedded CPU chip, a CPU core is the core processing unit element;

Another CPM– communication dedicated CPU, a data communication process + dual-core processing to address network data bottlenecks.

Serial device server manufacturers commonly used 32 or less single-core processor.

CPU processing machine communication management more powerful, faster response.

4. Different Software Environments

PUMG2500 communication manager embedded real-time operating system VxWorks, improve system resources contain complex code efficient management of the program.

Serial device server software program is simple, single function, do not use an embedded operating system.

Device Servers

5. Scalability

PUMG2500 communications management unit offers a variety of cascade operating mode dual-redundant, dual Ethernet. For the expansion of the combined system it provides great convenience and flexibility, providing up to 16 downstream serial interface.

Serial device server uplink only provides an Ethernet interface does not support dual-redundant technology, downstream up to only four serial interfaces.

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