4G Modem RS232/RS485 Serial to 4G network

USR-G780 is a RS232/RS485 Serial to 4G network bidirectional transparent data transmission.

  • 4G (LTE) integrated
  • 1 RS232 and 1 RS485 Serial ports
  • insert a SIM card and turn it on to enjoy high speed internet access
General Details


USR-G780 is a 4G DTU, support FDD-LTE, TD-LTE 4G high speed access, support WCDMA, TD-SCDMA and GSM as well. Perfect software, can realize data bidirectional transparent transmission from Serial to Network. It supports custom registration package, heartbeat package, 4 Socket connection, and USR-Cloud access. With high speed, low latency, support FTP protocol upgrade.

Working Mode

1. Network transparent transmission mode

In this mode, User’s device can send data to specified server by WCDMA network. G761 support 2 socket link, that is Socket A and Socket B, two links is mutual independence.

2. HTTPD Client Mode

In this mode, the data will sent to HTTP server directly, or obtain data from HTTP server. The data will sent to Web server(apache, IIS, tomcat, etc) in Http(GET/POST) mode as long as sending data in formal format. User can utilize the scripting language like PHP, ASP as database storage.

3. SMS transparent transmission mode

In this mode, user’s device can send SMS to specified phone, or transmit the SMS from phone to device. The transparent transmission between device and phone can realised by parameter setting.

4. AT command

When G761W working in any kind of mode(Network transparent transmission, SMS transparent transmission, AT command), user can send specified data, then let WCDMA switch into AT command mode.

Baud rate synchronization

4G modem support baud rate synchronization protocol, can change serial baud rate, data bits, check bits, stop bits dynamically. Suitable for USR VCOM software, serial parameters changed in VCOM, serial parameters of G780 been changed automatically.

Registration mechanism

USR-G780 4G DTU as TCP CLIENT, after establishing TCP connection successfully, it can sending scheduled registration package automatically in order to TCP Server remark this data. Registration package can be IMEI code, ICCID code and custom registration data.

Heartbeat package mechanism

4G Modem support network heartbeat package and serial heartbeat package.

Network heartbeat package is used for notify server the activity status by sending heartbeat package continuously.

Serial heartbeat package is used for notify serial device the activity status by capturing data from sensors, can not push.

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