Bluetooth Modules

As a wireless technology standard, bluetooth has low power consumption, high security, networking and simple, suitable for short-range wireless transmission. USR IoT provides industrial IoT serial Bluetooth modules, widely used in IoT, M2M etc. stand by Bluetooth v4.1 protocol (compatible with Bluetooth v4.0), which could carry MCU with serial devices or wireless transparent data transmission. Feature-rich Bluetooth module, support from the main body, power detection, encrypted transmission, Mesh networking, iBeacon agreement.

USR IOT Bluetooth modules have advantage of low power consumption, perfect for battery application son the device. Two low energy Bluetooth modules, can be selected according to size.

Low Energy BLE Modules Mesh/iBeacon

USR-BLE100 is an ultra-low power V4.1 bluetooth module.It is used for point-to-point data transparent transmission.

  • SMD Type
  • Ble4.1 protocol
  • Operation temperature Range of -40℃ ~85℃

Low Energy Serial Bluetooth Modules, Master and Slave Mode

USR-BLE101 is an ultra-low power V4.1 bluetooth module.It is based on tiny packaging of 10mm x 10mm,thus,it is easier to embed into user's device.

  • SMD Type
  • Extremely small footprint
  • Operation temperature Range of -40℃ ~85℃
All USR products will be tested by R&D first, then production test again.(ESD Test,Surge/EFT Test, High/Low Temperature Test, EMC and LVD environment reliability test, etc.) Click here to watch test videos.
USR products test USR products test USR products test USR products test
USR products are exported to more than 100 countries and regions, get approvals like CE, FCC, ROHS, CCC, KC, IC, SRRC, etc.
USR product certificate
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