Serial to Ethernet

Serial Ethernet Converter & Module: USR IOT Provides Serial to Ethernet converter and module for the solution of serial data communication. It allows you to transfer serial RS232 RS485 RS422 data over the local Ethernet or over the Internet.

Two Series of Serial Ethernet Converter & Module:

  • Cost-Effective M0 Series: DHCP/DNS- Webpage – HTTPD Client
  • Industrial M4 Series: CTS/RTS-XON/XOFF-Modbus Gateway-Web server ( Web socket/ Web to serial) – Customized Web page

RS232 RS485 Ethernet Converter,Serial Ethernet to Modbus Converter

USR-TCP232-410S is Industrial M4 Series which support Modbus Gateway Modbus RTU to Modbus TCP. Top-rated item in the market.

  • RS232/RS485 (Can be used at one time)
  • DC 5-36v DC
  • Flow Control: CTS/RTS   XON/XOFF

RS232/RS485/RS422 Single Serial Ethernet Converter

USR-N510 is an industrial serial to ethernet converter to realize bi-directional transparent transmission between RS232/RS485/RS422 and network with modbus function

  • Three-in-one serial port, RS232/RS485/RS422
  • Modbus Gateway, Watchdog function
  • Flow control: CTS/RTS+XON/ XOFF

Affordable Serial RS232/485/422 to Ethernet Converter

USR-TCP232-306 Serial RS232 RS485 RS422 Ethernet Converter is a cost-effective solution for serial data communication.

  • RS232/RS484/RS422 (not use simultaneously)
  • 5-36v DC
  • HTTPD client mode, sends serial data in HTTP format

4 ports Serial Device Converter, Serial RS232/RS485/RS422 to Ethernet Converter

USR-N540 - 4 Serial port RS232 RS485 RS422 Ethernet Converter. It supports Modbus RTU to Modbus TCP.

  • 4 serial port: RS-232/422/485 which works independently at the same time
  • Power 5V~36V, anti-reverse connection, anti-surge, anti-pulse
  • ESD 8KV Protection on Serial/Etherent port

Industrial Super Lan Port Serial TTL UART to Ethernet Module

USR-K3 is based on Industrial solution of TI Cortex-M4 and built-in web server for device communication and configuration via Internet.

  • Industrial TI Cortex M4 Solution
  • Load custom web page and view data from web to serial
  • Allow Modbus RTU to Modbus TCP / Two Websocket/Network Printing

DTR/DSR Serial Ethernet Converter, Ethernet to Serial

USR-TCP232-419 is DTR/DSR Serial Ethernet converter, ethernet to serial converter with modbus RTU function

  • Hardware Flow Control: CTS/RTS, DTR/DSR
  • Wide Voltage: 5-36v DC
  • Software control: XON/XOFF

2 Serial port RS232/485/422 Ethernet Converter, Serial to Ethernet TCP/IP Converter

USR-N520 is a double serial device server,which can realize transparent transmission between TCP/UDP data package and RS232/RS485/RS422 interface.

  • 2 RS232/422/485 switch selectable serial port
  • Low Voltage range of 5~36v DC
  • Data Rates range of 600~230.4kbps

Serial RS232 to Ethernet Converters, DHCP/DNS

USR-TCP232-302 is a low-cost serial device server,whose function is to realize bidirectional transparent transmission between RS232 and Ethernet.

  • 1 RS232 serial port
  • Low Voltage range of 4.75-7v DC
  • Data Rates range of 600~230.4kbps

Cost-Effective RS485 to Ethernet Converter with Built-in Webpage

Cost-Effective M0 Series - [USR-TCP232-304] is widely used in the solution of serial data networking communication.

  • RS485 serial port
  • 5V DC
  • Client connection: 1 to 16 in TCP Server Mode

Serial TTL Ethernet Module

USR-TCP232-T2 Low Cost Solution - It supports data transferred over LAN network or Internet to remote serial port.

  • Cost Effective
  • VCC 3.3V or VDD 5V
  • Web page configuration / DHCP & DNS

SMD TTL Ethernet Modules, Embedded Serial UART TCP/IP Module

USR-TCP232-S2 is a tiny size SMT serial Ethernet module which can realize data bidirectional transparent transmission between TTL and Ethernet Port.

  • SMD type
  • Support POE design
  • Web page configuration

Low Cost TTL Ethernet Module,Super network port module

USR-K2 is the cost-effective and multi-functional version of Super network Port TTL Ethernet module and easily offer serial to ethernet networking capability.

  • 3.3V Low Power
  • Enable web-based configuration of the device
  • Accepts max 16 clients connected in TCP Server

Dual TTL to Ethernet Module With TI Cortex-M4 Kernel

USR-TCP232-E2 is a dual serial ethernet module, which supports 2*TTL working at the same time.

  • Industrial TI M4 Solution
  • 2 TTL Serial Ports, 2Kv isolation protection
  • Modbus RTU to Modbus TCP

Triple Serial TTL UART to Ethernet TCP/IP Module With New Cortex-M4 Kernel

USR-TCP232-ED2 is a triple serial ethernet module, which supports 3*TTL working at the same time.

  • Pin type
  • 3 TTL Serial Ports Supporting Data Rates of up to 1024 Kbps
  • 3 ports can work at the same time