Serial Device Server distribution chamber testing equipment remote monitoring system

Plan Description

For real-time monitoring the power supply situation of each building, power distribution room are fitted with computer protection device, smoke, fire alarms and other equipment. The monitoring equipment different distribution chamber networked through NAS8000 series serial device server and ECS6000 series switches, and remote transmission and centralized management, in communications due to the field environment (electromagnetic interference, temperature, humidity, etc.) the impact of the present system using optical fiber backbone network as a medium of communication and the communication device selects HvCom NAS8000 industrial grade serial device servers, industrial Ethernet switches (ECS6000 series of industrial Ethernet switches meet the standards and requirements of industrial control and power network device, you can easily build fiber-optic network, thereby enhancing the stability and efficiency of the system.


ECS6106 1 optical interface 6 electrical ports 10/100

NAS8301 1 Ge RS-232/422/485 serial ports

Program Features

1. optical fiber communication greatly improve the reliability of communication networks, efficient real-time communication.

2. the use of optical fiber as a medium of communication to ensure the security, stability of communication, while the bandwidth is much larger than ordinary fiber cable, can withstand high-volume data communications, long-distance data can be more centralized management.

3. the system selects HvComNAS8000 series serial device servers, ECS6000 series industrial Ethernet switches as the communication network switching equipment, Warwick Industrial Ethernet switches meet the standards and requirements of industrial control and electric power network device (to meet the requirements of IEC61850-3 for power network devices), anti-interference ability, wide temperature range of large, powerful, and many other advantages. Able to ensure the communication network fast, efficient and stable.

4. ECS6106 optical fiber switch provides six 10 / 100M electrical interface, the network interface can be provided for the following devices.

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