User Showcase

“E-jiale” Heat Pump

Heat Pump is also called air source heat pump water.It absorbs low-temp heat which turns into high-temp heat to heat water via compressor.

E-jiale adopts Serial WIFI Module of USR IOT to realize remote control through cloud server,smartphone and tablet PC.

“IF” WIFI Smart Air Cleaner

Air Cleaner absorbs,decomposes and transforms air pollutants for improving air cleanliness.

IF adopts Embedded WIFI Module of USR IOT to realize intellectualization of air cleaner,remotely check air quality and adjust working mode.

“Xundao” Electric Vehicle Charging Pile

Xundao adopts GPRS Module of USR IOT to realize remote management of working data,charging data and expense record of charging pile.

“INMOTION” Smart Monocycle

It adopts Low Power WIFI Module of USR IOT to realize smartphone remotely controlling monocycle and checking its speed and state.

“Dreamer” WIFI 3D Printer

Dreamer WIFI 3D Printer is embedded with WIFI Module of USR IOT to realize wireless printing.

“Xinai” Consumer Machine

“Xinai” Consumer Machine adopts High-performance WIFI Module of USR IOT,which uses stable WIFI connection and data transmission capability to manage consumption data.

“Popcorn” WIFI Audio Player

“Popcorn” WIFI Audio Player adopts WIFI Module of USR IOT. It supports DLNA,airplay and QPlay protocol.

Water Quality on-line Monitor

The machine,embedded with USR GPRS Module,can automatically monitor CODcr data of water.And it can send monitoring result to cloud server by GSM network.