Regarding gibberish or wrong data received of COM

Feb 17,2016

Reasons of gibberish are as below: 1.The setting of baud rate, data bits, check bit are not matched between serial device any our converter. 2. Hardware Serial TTL RS232 RS485, they are different level types, cannot be connected directly. Need to be converted via 232 or 485 chip. It is wrong to link TTL to PC …

What is FAQ?

Feb 16,2016

What is FAQ? FAQ is Our company Jinan USR IOT Technology Limited, in order to facilitate users to understand and use my company’s products faster and create plates. We record the solve solutions during we technical support.

Query whether gprs module can connect to the Internet

Jan 13,2016

Connect serial of GPRS module with serial of PC, open USR-GPRS-DTU software to set AT command. 1.Query whether GPRS module can identify SIM card [Send] : AT+CIMI [Receive] : 460001142971927 [Note] : obtain IMSI The command is aimed to reading or identifying IMSI of SIM card