USR-GM3 Httpd Client

Jul 07,2016

1.Plug in the SIM card. Connect the 5V adapter, serial cable and the antenna to the module. The work LED is blinking, that indicate the module is working. The GPRS LED is on, that indicate the module has linked to the GPRS network. 2.Open the software USR-GM3-V1.1.3.61. 3.Choose the COM port, Baud rate and serial …

Regarding GPRS / GSM Modems network connection explanation

Feb 17,2016

Many user doubt: Why GPRS / GSM modems¬†only can go into a public IP computer? Can it work at a campus network/corporate network? Answer: Yes, it can. But it need cooperate with campus network/corporate network. Detail explanation as below: GPRS / GSM modems connect to network is send a TCP/UDP connection, during connection and communication …

GSM Modems transparent transmission mode setting method

Feb 17,2016

SMS DTU transparent transmission mode setting method Set SMS transparent transmission mode two major commands AT+CIMOD=”MOD”<CR><LF> Configuration module operating modes: MOD said operating mode, 0 means transparent transmission mode, 1 serial command mode, two said AT command mode, 3 HTTPD Client mode, four said messaging transparent transmission mode. Configuration command: AT + CIMOD = “4” …

GPRS / GSM Modems configuration parameters using SMS.

Feb 16,2016

Send SMS to the target phone number(Module need to work in data Transmission mode). Mobile phones to send text messages to configure the module parameters setting parameters: IP, Netprotocol, remote port, admin, AT+CIPSCONT=1, “TCP”, “”, 10101, 1 Set the baud rate: admin,AT+CIPR=115200 Set the serial port, data bits, stop bits and parity admin,AT+ICF=3,3 Restart the …

GPRS modules are connected server setting method

Feb 16,2016

GPRS modules are connected server setting method 1. Module settings: server address and port 2. Setting method to connect to the server: 3. Server open TCP232-Test software, set up the network protocol for the TCP server.Listen to the local port 25568. GPRS modules to initiate the link to the server,you can see the module launched …

Use of GPRS Modems to transmit data to the computer method

Feb 16,2016

1. Router setup method Check whether the WAN port to Public IP address, (WAN IP Address must be a public IP). Port Forwards port: 23419 IP: PC address 2. Set the module parameters 3. Computer connected to a wireless router openwrt 4. Check computer’s IP address 5. Check computer’s IP address 6. GPRS modems …


Feb 16,2016

1. GPRS Modules Settings check whether the serial parameters of working parameters and the GPRS modules of GPRS modems agreement serial line, check whether it is normal check the line connection is normal check using the serial line sequence, TXD to RXD, RXD to TXD, GND to GND check whether electricity module, check module power …

Query mobile phone card, identification, network problems.

Feb 16,2016

1. Open the software into the AT instruction set 2. Mobile phone card identification: Card not to identify: 3. Connected to the base station Not connected to the base station 4. To connect to the server Not connected to the server