M4 Series RS485 Loopback Test

Jul 08,2016

1. The loopback test is using 1 PC to test the USR Product.You can send the data with ethernet and receive with serial port. And you also can send data with serial port and receive with ethernet. 2. Please link your Ethernet cable, 5V adapter and serial wire to your TCP M4 series module. 3. …

How to Use Websocket in M4 Series Serial Device Servers

Jul 08,2016

Before you read this FAQ, you should close your firewall and make sure your serial device servers and your PC in same network segment (e.g. 192.168.0.xx). 1. Connect the N540 as picture showing. Check the LED. POW is on. Work is sparkling. The Ethernet LED, greed is on and orange one is sparkling. 2. Use the software …

How to Use USR-VCOM with T24 Series Serial Device Servers

Jul 08,2016

1. Before you use the USR-TCP232-200, your device is as follow. 2. If want to use the Ethernet wire to connect you device, your application is as follow. Because the serial software can’t listen the data from Ethernet. You need a software transfer the Ethernet data to serial data. 3. Before you start to test, …

T24 Series Loopback Test

Jul 07,2016

The loopback test is using 1 PC to test the USR-TCP232-200. You can send the data with Ethernet and receive with serial port. And you also can send data with serial port and receive with Ethernet. 1. Before you start to test, you should disable your wireless network connection and turn off firewall in your …

Two Ethernet Modules Transparent Transmission Concrete Steps

Feb 17,2016

Before setting, two modules are by default settings. Please restore the factory settings. Set reference chart. This application two USR-TCP232-E45 Series ethernet modules to achieve LAN-point connection, such as two user networking equipment to build a transparent serial channel. As shown, the left USR-TCP232-E45 module port network protocol is set to TCP / server mode, …

TCP232-T24 Series Serial Device Servers Use Web Search Agreement

Feb 17,2016

Use the network configuration serial device servers on the premise that you must search to IP module configuration module via UDP mode. Network configuration by sending a UDP broadcast packet form is completed, no low and can not be connected through the network CFG configuration CFG tied low if no network configuration. Destination address and …

Many to Many Serial Communication

Feb 17,2016

Many to many communication, serial servers are set to UDP mode. IP addresses are not the same module. IP:

USR-TCP232-T24 Series Ethernet Modules Connect to the Server Setup Method

Feb 17,2016

USR-TCP232-T24 Series modules connect to the server setup method 1. Ethernet modules setup parameters 2. Setting method to connect to the ethernet modules: 3. Server open TCP232-Test software, set up the network protocol for the TCP server. Listen to the local port 25568. WiFi module to initiate the link to the server, you can see the …

PC Remote Connection TCP232 Series Ethernet Module Communications

Feb 17,2016

1. Ethernet modules setup parameters 2. Router setup method Check whether the WAN port to Public IP address 3. Port Forwards Port: 23419 IP: PC address 4. Computer connected to a wireless router openwrt 5. Check computer’s IP address 6. Check computer’s IP address 7. Ethernet Module serial port to connect PC, using serial …

Why T24 Series Ethernet Module can not Find in Setup Software?

Feb 16,2016

Why T24 series module can not find in setup software? 1. Check PC open the double network card or not, if yes disable one network card. (normally disable WLAN card. 2. Check PC open firewall or not, if open, please closed WINDOWS firewall and antivirus software. 3. Check module RJ45 light if one normally on …