How to Use USR-VCOM with T24 Series Serial Device Servers

1. Before you use the USR-TCP232-200, your device is as follow.
serial device servers

2. If want to use the Ethernet wire to connect you device, your application is as follow. Because the serial software can’t listen the data from Ethernet. You need a software transfer the Ethernet data to serial data.
rs232 to ethernet

3. Before you start to test, you should disable your wireless network connection and turn off firewall in your PC.
Figure 3-1 Turn off the firewall and wireless network connectionrs485 to ethernet

4. Setup the IP address of your PC,we setup it as should be in same Net segment with USR-TCP232-200(default IP address the subnet mask we use
Setup IP address of your PC

5. Connect the serial device server like this picture.
Connection of USR-TCP232-200

6. Open the on search in LAN
configure tool

7. We searched the serial device server whose IP address is can configure the module with the part of the red block.
serial to ethernet

8. Open USR-VCOM software, and configure the software refer to the server’s config.
rs232 serial to ethernet
rs485 to ethernet

9. Open the com1, This is the virtual com port we create.
ethernet converter

10. Use the serial device server send serial data, and your Serial software will get the serial data from virtual com1.
device servers

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