How to Use Websocket in M4 Series Serial Device Servers

Figure 1 structure diagram
Before you read this FAQ, you should close your firewall and make sure your serial device servers and your PC in same network segment (e.g. 192.168.0.xx).

1. Connect the N540 as picture showing.
serial device server
Check the LED. POW is on. Work is sparkling. The Ethernet LED, greed is on and orange one is sparkling.
rs232 to ethernet

2. Use the software USR-TCP232-M4,E45
rs485 to ethernet

3. Click Search Device, you can find N540 was Searched.
rs232 serial to ethernet

4. Click Open Device, you will open a webpage of N540 config.(username and password either is admin)
serial to ethernet

5. Click web to serial. If your every step is right, it will show Connect success!
serial to ethernet
ethernet converter

6. You can use USR-TCP232-TEST software and test the connection.
serial device servers

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