Application Case of 4G Industrial Router in Remote Monitoring of Hydropower Station

Application Case of 4G Industrial Router in Remote Monitoring of Hydropower Station


One of USRIOT's power customers operates more than 20 hydropower stations on the pearl river. Almost all hydropower stations are fully automated, requiring remote monitoring. The power company has achieved this through the Internet of Things. Information about output, machine parameters such as temperature or current water level can be retrieved through the Internet of Things. In addition, part of the power station is under video monitoring, and the screen of the control system is also remotely controlled.

 Previously, Internet connections were made by cable. Today, this is no longer practical for cost and technical reasons, which is why 4G industrial routers are used. Through 4G networks, they use wireless OpenVPN to establish an Internet connection, which is safe and reliable, and has various interfaces, providing further advantages.

In order to monitor the hydropower station safely and reliably, the routers used must meet the following requirements:

suitable for industrial application

24 V power supply

OpenVPN support

SMS alerts

Link supervision



With the widespread use of 4G industrial routers, the power company has connected all devices that meet the requirements to the network to achieve the best remote monitoring of its power stations.

This powerful, programmable compact device’s design temperature is within the range of - 20 ° C to + 70 ° C, using wireless network of operators to connect hydropower stations to the Internet. According to availability, the mobile station standard will switch automatically without any interruption.

Routers are equipped with Ethernet ports to connect to terminals or switches. In addition, these devices have two digital I/O's.

USR uses transparent clouds. The server is used to access the router from the control center, so as to access the system in the power station. To do this, the router connects to the transparent-transmission cloud through the OpenVPN tunnel. The cloud platform acts as a connection manager, making it possible to connect the devices in a power station from a control center.

The power stations of the power company are monitored by the following means: passive inquiry of power, temperature or water level  through the PLC in the power station, active remote access to central computer and video monitoring. In addition to these, text messages are sent via 4G industrial routers in an emergency. The 4G industrial router USR-G781 is designed for high availability and all-weather operation.

Some power stations are also equipped with wireless LANs through 4G industrial routers. This allows employees to connect their laptops to the network.

Using 4G industrial routers, the power company has created a good professional solution to meet their needs, making daily work quite easy.