2016 Marvell’s three core business layout

In the past year, Marvell did all the things which regressed? What concern business focus? Future trends in the semiconductor industry and how?

Marvell’s vice president Wu Xiaodong

Marvell’s vice president Wu Xiaodong

Three core points of Marvell business

1. Business focus

Each company usually bigger wide business development process, and in business expansion or diversification when often there will be some problems. Because each company’s resources are limited, so how limited resources to focus on key business priorities is particularly important.

In addition to the core business of housekeeping storage, Marvell on the communications network also has accumulated over the years, currently the world’s only two companies in the store do exchange communications industry. Includes connection technology, as well as WiFi, GPS, Zigbee, G.hn and other wireless connectivity technology is the core business of Marvell. Meanwhile, Marvell also provides for a number of large customers customized solutions of the chip, the future will take an active interest and put things, the fast-growing field of vehicle networking and multimedia.

Through business focus, Marvell storage, wireless, Ethernet, switching, networking and other market has made a strong leadership to cooperate fully with Google and HP’s printing business and more global attention. Marvell’s future business will be focused on the four direction of the storage, Networking, connect technology, customized solutions.

China Marvell has been a very important market, after years of sustained investment, Marvell in China now has more than 1,200 employees and six research centers. Looking at the entire semiconductor industry, the number of core R & D investment in China Marvell is also very advanced.

2. Technological innovation

Marvell Since its inception, served as founder, CEO industry are very well-known scientist, inventor, the entire company under his leadership culture is very open, continue to explore new technologies. Therefore, how to continue to lead in technology is critical to Marvell.

Founded in the 21 year history, Marvell has received more than 5,000 patents, and there are more than 2,500 patents pending approval in consecutive years ranked innovation hundred list. This year the huge investment in research and development are inseparable and Marvell, in the past five years, Marvell’s annual R & D investment are more than one billion dollars.

2015 Marvell two revolutionary technology FLC and MoChi, but the industry as the semiconductor industry milestone of technological innovation revolution. Wherein the FLC ultimate caching system can be reduced by the amount of DRAM main memory is more economical, inexpensive cache or solid state drive storage, thus reducing overall system cost. The MoChi interconnect technology can give full play to the advantages of different technology, will use the building block modular design, best cost-effective multiple chips together, to optimize overall system costs.

Emphasis on technological innovation, but also for Marvell won the highly recognized by our customers and partners, and in 2015 was awarded for the Best Quality Supplier Award Huawei, ZTE Best Technical Support Award and other awards.

3. Leading the market

How to lead the market, which is Marvell global Chinese local teams including the most important thing. Recalling 2015, Wu Xiaodong that the semiconductor industry is mainly showing the three major trends:

First, industry consolidation is particularly high. For the 2015 merger of the various events, it began a surprise, but they have become accustomed to the later. Some of these mergers in order to survive forced to whom, but also some in order to monopolize the market and better prices, which will give the industry a lot of customers to panic. Overall, however, the merger will be a big trend in the industry, Marvell also think this will give the opportunity to bring their own what.

The second is the growing influence of China in the semiconductor industry. From 2015, Chinese capital and Chinese companies have found that bigger is not necessarily rely on entrepreneurship and enterprise to a semiconductor done through the capital to buy, to merge, and to influence, and ultimately be able to have these things become part of the Chinese participation, and stand on their shoulders to go to seek new development.

The third is to continue Moore’s Law is still in force. The rapid evolution of technology and continuously improve the threshold of advanced technology, is bound to cause more and more small and medium factories can not afford the latest technology, but is a relatively mature technology is relatively the highest price. And it will only launch MoChi Marvell Technology, which is the purpose of all this pain points and solve puzzles.