5 Bluetooth standard will be released on the 16th: four times the transmission speed of 2 times cove

According to reports, the Bluetooth SIG (Bluetooth SIG) managing director Mark Powell (Mark Powell) Friday said in the message, the next-generation Bluetooth standard “Bluetooth 5” will be released on June 16. Bluetooth transfer speed and coverage 5 are four times Bluetooth 4.2 and 2 times.

Bluetooth 5 will unlock new possibilities, such as to achieve accurate indoor positioning and navigation. This will large stores, department stores and car parks and other places to bring new technological scenarios. For example, businesses can more quickly to push advertising and promotions information to nearby Bluetooth users.

In addition, 5 cases from Bluetooth, the Bluetooth SIG will give up the past “.x” version naming, that is the official name of the new standard is Bluetooth 5 (Bluetooth 5), and in the future will not be like the Bluetooth 5.1 name.

Bluetooth standard 5 speed transmission and upgrade coverage will greatly enhance its scope and should respond to such zigbee, Wi-Fi competition in the development of networking and the Internet, wifi has an obvious advantage, Bluetooth 5 publication can No reverse the current situation, the market still needs to be verified.