What is Serial Device Server?

Serial Device Server can convert serial to ethernet, and it can realize serial data (RS-232/485/422) and TCP/IP data package transparent transmission with no need for extra development. It allows serial device to connect TCP/IP ethernet and carry out data communication immediately, which largely expands the communication distance of serial devices and save human efforts, costs and development duration to the maximum extent.


Serial Device Server enjoys a wide application on ethernet, including gate switch, computer room monitoring, large lathe, injection molding machine, medical apparatus and instruments, instruments and meters, PLC industrial devices, etc.


It used to be confusing how to equip serial devices in the automation fields with ability to connect the ethernet and how to connect in a fast manner.


Serial Device Server enables traditional RS-232/422/485 device to connect the ethernet instantly because it takes use of TCP/IP based serial data transmission to control and manage the hardware of devices. Therefore, it is the specialized bridge for serial to ethernet convert. Serial device server is like a micro-computer equipped with CPU, real-time operational system and TCP/IP protocol, which can facilitate data transmission between serial and ethernet devices. Users can save, read, manage and configurate distance device with computers through network anywhere in the world.


Serial Device Server can fulfill serial to ethernet convert, namely, converting RS-232/485/422 serial to TCP/IP network, thus accomplishing serial data (RS-232/485/422) and TCP/IP data package transparent transmission. It enables serial devices to connect TCP/IP network at once to connect network to carry out data communication, which largely expand the communication distance of serial devices.


Serial Device Server function-industrial design for hardware



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basic function of Serial Device Server function