Industrial M4 serial-to-Etherent products WebSocket function


This manual is to introduce M4 Series Serial to Ethernet Products(Serial to Ethernet Converters/Serial to Ethernet Modules) WebSocket function.



M4 series Serial to Ethernet Products(Serial to Ethernet Converters/Serial to Ethernet Modules) support WebSocket function which can achieve real-time interaction between serial port and Web Server and display user data on Web Server. Application diagram as follow:


web page establishs tcp client


2.Enable function

Take USR-TCP232-410s(Serial to Ethernet Converter)  as example to enable and test the WebSocket function.


Step 1: Power the 410s, connect 410s Ethernet interface to PC directly or to same router as PC(If user connects 410s Ethernet interface to same router as PC, user needs to configure module to DHCP mode or modify static IP in same network segment as router and PC.) and connect 410s serial port to PC.


Step 2: Enter 410s Web Server by 410s IP address and login with username and password(Default settings both are admin).



Step 3: Click ‘Web to Serial’ to enter WebSocket function web page and display ‘connect success!’ means enable function successfully. 


set WebSocket function web page

3.Data transmission test


After entering WebSocket web page, user can download and run our software USR-TCP232-Test-V1.3.exe to test data transmission.



Serial to Web:


serial to web-USR-TCP-Test RS232 to ethernet convert tester


Web to serial:



USR-TCP-test: rs232 to ethernet convert tester