USR-VCOM creates TCP Client Port




Through our company USR-VCOM software user can set up connection between USR modules and virtual serial port to solve the problem that traditional equipment PC software used in serial port communication way. User can download VCOM software from


After downloading the USR-VCOM software and installing successfully, user can configure USR-VCOM to create TCP Client port as follow steps:

1.Run the USR-VCOM.exe.


Figure 1 USR-VCOM



2.Click ‘Add COM’ and configure the virtual serial port parameters.




Figure 2 Configure the virtual serial port


User should configure the virtual serial port parameters by follow rules:

  • Virtual COM: This is virtual serial port number, user must choose one COM which hasn’t been occupied.
  • Net Protocol: Choose ‘TCP Client’.
  • Remote IP/addr: Local IP or address of TCP Server which virtual serial port wants to connect.
  • Remote Port: Local Port of TCP Server which virtual serial port wants to connect.


For example, if we want to establish a virtual serial port to connect to our company module USR-TCP232-410s in TCP Server mode with IP address and Local Port 20108, we will add a COM, choose Net Protocol as TCP Client, Remote IP/addr as and Remote Port as 20108.


3.After clicking ‘OK’ on above step, the virtual serial port will be created successfully if user can see the virtual serial port on both USR-VCOM software and Device Manager.







Figure 3 Virtual serial port