Industrial Automatic Resolution of 4-Port Serial to Ethernet Converters

Against the changeable and complicated development of industrial situation, 4 ports serial to Ethernet converters have come to be applied in a wider range. Compared with one port serial to Ethernet converters, 4 ports serial to Ethernet converters are equipped with more serial ports to connect serial devices, and they can select different serial ports through specific dialing switch to accomplish simultaneous application in diverse situations.


Characterized by the advantage of interface integration, 4 ports serial to Ethernet converters allow user to be worry-free from the diversity of interface, so that they enjoy a wide and important application in  industrial weighting, wind power, industrial automation and other unmanned fields. This article is designated to give an introduction to the industrial automatic resolution of 4-port serial to Ethernet converters.


It has been a century since Ford started to operate the first industrial automatic production line in 1930s. It is through the upgrading of information technology revolution that there are efficient and intelligent industrial automatic production lines today.


Overall, 4 ports serial to Ethernet converters accomplish data transfer in the industrial automation. It is commonly known that the principle of serial to Ethernet converter is to convert serial data of RS232/485.422 to TCP/IP network data. In the whole production in, 4 ports serial device server is the bridge to connect terminal sensory control device and distance control center.


Industrial automatic production line is a system of great complication. In the case of drink filling production line, it needs to control the number of bottle, interval time, operation of labors, and many other procedures. After employing the 4 ports serial to Ethernet converter, it can connect the sensors which are used to collect different data together,and then transfer the real-time data collected to the production control center. After that, control center will make adjustment or control the overall production in the light of these real-time data, so as to ensure the production and efficient and stable operation.


USRIOT has a industrial 4-port serial to Ethernet converter-USR-N540, and USR-N540 has been highly recognized by both market and users since its release.

 industrial 4-port serial to Ethernet converter-USR-N540


Industrial Automatic Resolution of 4 ports Serial to ethernet converter

  • Industrial data transmission, industrial automation
  • security and protection monitoring, public security
  • Smart home, power control, environmental monitoring, intelligent agriculture
  • Door check on work attendance system, POS system, rice selling system
  • Building automation system, power monitoring, self-service banking system, telecom machine room monitoring