Connection Method of Serial to Ethernet Converter

Serial to Ethernet Converter can realize bidirectional transparent data transmission between RS232/RS485/RS422 and Ethernet, and Serial to Ethernet Converter can connect to serial device to transfer the data of RS232/485/422 interface to data of IP port.


Thus, Serial to Ethernet Converter can transfer traditional serial data to IP with no need to eliminate original digital control system and device without Ethernet module, thus improving the utilization of the device, saving the investment and simplifying the wiring.

Serial to ethernet converter- control system


Serial to Ethernet converter has provide resolution to access industrial devices directly through network, and there are two ways of connection as follows.


Direct Connection


So-called direct connection is to connect the network access on the serial to Ethernet converter to that on the computer directly, which features simple wiring and can realizes distance transmission. And it can realize distance transmission because the distance between computer to serial to Ethernet converter is expanded.


Ethernet Connection


It connects serial to Ethernet converter to digital control device to Ethernet, and the way of connection is quite easy, only to connect serial to Ethernet converter to concentrator and exchanger. Serial to Ethernet converter can be a node on Ethernet through setting IP address of serial to Ethernet converter, thus connecting the digital control system of the serial to Ethernet converter to Ethernet. In this way, RS232/485.422 serial of different devices can be connected to Ethernet and fulfill the heterogeneous network.