what is Serial to Ethernet Converter?


The paper introduces the definition, appearance, birth, application, usage and relevant products of serial to Ethernet converter. What is serial to Ethernet converter?


Serial to Ethernet converter is also named as serial device server, Serial to Ethernet converter, TCP/IP converter, etc., and it is a network communication interface converter. Serial to Ethernet converter converts RS232/485/RS422 and other serial communication to TCP/IP network interface in industry, and fulfill the two-way transparent transmission. The serial to Ethernet allows users to connect single clip and serial device to network easily with no need to have specific knowledge about network, thus realizing distance data collection, distance control and the establishment of other intelligent systems.

Serial to Ethernet converter can be divided into: single port serial to Ethernet converter and multiple ports serial to Ethernet converter.


The birth of serial to Ethernet converter

In terms of serial to Ethernet converter, the key is serial and network. Network can be divided into internal network and external network. Generally, internal network refers to Ethernet and external network refers to Internet which is an effective method to communicate across the world. Before the prevailing of network, data can only be exchanged between devices and computers through simple RS 232; or it can accomplish distance transmission through RS 485 (1000 meters at most). As the development of network and modern information technology, there have come to be several demands for devices:

 1. Some applications need to make distance monitoring to devices distributed across the world.

 2. In some application such as computer room monitoring, communication in self-service bank system, automatic control system in office building which already have complete network wiring, whether we can use these network facilities to accomplish the communication among devices.

 3. As for RS232 interface, PC can only connect on serial device to one serial. If it needs to connect multiple devices, the original serial plan sees difficulty in expansion, while the network can be worry free from this problem.

 Due to the reasons above, devices need to be connect to network. However, there have been thousands of serial devices existing, it is impossible to improve such a large number of devices immediately. Thus, serial networking server which can transfer serial to Internet access has come into being as temporary resolution.


Type of USRIOT serial to Ethernet converter   



 Low cost M0 Serial to Ethernet converter

DHCP, DNS, HTTPD Client, Webpage







Multi COMs Industrial M4 Serial to Ethernet Converter

Modbus RTU to Modbus TCP, Network print,  Flow control, Web server


RS232&RS485 *1


RS232/RS485/RS422 *1


RS232/RS485/RS422 *2


RS232/RS485/RS422 *4


Application of serial to Ethernet converter

Serial networking servers are mainly applied to IOT, public security and defense, industrial automation, intelligent home, power control, environment monitoring, intelligent agriculture, entrance guard and attendance checksystem, POS system, food sales system, building automatic system, power monitoring, self-service bank system, power can signal computer room monitoring, etc.