Serial device server use and debugging tips summary

1. Serial Device Servers Self-Test

Buy serial device servers, the first thing is to do some basic tests to identify the serial device servers functionality are good or bad.

Test serial device server is good or bad way: the 2,3 shorted wire, and then use the serial debugging assistant, manually send one (or more) bytes, if the receiving area to receive the same byte, then the serial port is good, it works fine. Otherwise, the serial ports have problems.

2. Serial test simulates

Serial tests can use computers to simulate a device does not necessarily have to have the actual device. The baud rate can also be simulated.

3. RS485 converter

232-485 converter, is actually a 485-232 converter, you can test 232 serial port or 485 serial port, the converter is generally not a big problem.

4. Try using a variety of serial debugging assistant

Use a serial debugging assistant is a problem, such as serial ports occupied prompt such information is not equivalent to a problem with the serial port, there may be debugging assistant software problem itself. This time you can try to change a piece of software.

5. Two methods of serial device servers: virtual serial port and IP form

(Note: This is basically two methods are equivalent, but encountered wherein when a can not connect, you can try another way, namely monitoring software may only support one of them.)

The first: a virtual serial port

First, use the “serial servers debugging tools” for serial server IP;

Secondly, install and use the COM port over TCP / IP software, a virtual serial port server serial port. Note: It is best to virtual COM3 or further back, to avoid unexpected conflicts;

Again, the serial port server operating mode selection –TCP realport;

Finally, using an ordinary serial debugging assistant, debugging.

The second: IP form

First, under the premise of informed serial server IP, using a network debugging aides debugging directly. Related settings, you must select the third protocol type “TCP client”, IP address of the serial device server’s serial port to fill in the actual IP, server port number if the port serial device servers, fill 10001, if it is multi-port serial device servers, fill 1000X, X represents a corresponding port.

Finally, start debugging.

Serial Device Servers Self-Test, start debugging