Approach to the Serial Device Server

 Approach to the serial device server


This article will introduce you to how to use the serial device server to connect the original serial device to the computer through the network. After getting a serial device server, you should take the following steps:


1. Connection -  the serial port of serial device server is connected to the serial port of the device first, the RJ45 interface of the serial device server is connecteed to the router (or connect directly to the PC, which usually requires a crossover cable), and then the serial device server is powered.


2, The configuration of the serial port parameters - the serial device server can be modified by the equipped computer tools or Web pages.


The main difference between the two methods is that  serial device server must be in the same subnet as the computer when parameters are modified through the web page.


Serial port parameters generally include: baud rate, data bit, stop bit, check bit.


3. Configuration of network parameters - The serial device server must have an IP that can be configured to be static or obtained through a DHCP server.


The working mode of the serial device server configuration: including TCP server mode, TCP client mode, and UDP mode. The server mode represets that the computer actively looks for a serial device server; the client mode means that serial device server actively looks for a computer.


The purpose of configuring network parameters is to allow the computer to successfully establish a connection with a networked server.


4.The virtual serial port is used - because the general user's PC software still opens the serial port and device communication. At this point, because the network is changed, a serial port must be virtualized on the computer (the software coming with serial device server can be used to virtualize serial port). The virtual serial port is responsible for establishing a connection with the serial device server and transferring the data to the user program that opens the virtual serial port.


5.The user device communication program is operated open the virtual serial port. The user application can then communicate with the device.