The Advantages of Industry-level Eight Ports Serial Device Server

Based on TCP/IP serial data stream transmission, the serial port networking server enables the traditional RS-232/422/485 devices to be instantly networked, thereby achieving transparent data transmission with Ethernet, so as to save costs. With the increasing demand for equipment in the industrial IOT field, the serial device server has experienced several stages of single port serial device server, dual ports s erial device server, four ports serial device server and eight ports serial device server. With the continuous maturity of the technology in the field of Internet of Things, eight ports serial device servers have been favored by more and more people.


And then, USR-N668, which is developed and produced by a leading brand of USRIOT in the field of Internet of Things, is taken as the example to enumerate the advantages of the industrial-grade eight-serial device server:


First, the all-round serial port. It is applicable to RS-232/485/422, the serial port realizes custom selection, and can adapt to more application environments. The eight-way serial port connects more devices to realize Ethernet transparent transmission;


Second, the layout of the computer room. Rack-type convenient management saves the space of the cabinet, and double network ports are connected in series hand in hand;


Third, remote monitoring. Remote monitoring and upgrade is cooperated with monitoring and upgrade, and combined with application of the monitoring platform, which can save labor costs;


Fourth, SSL secret transmission. The device can block malware, eliminate blind spots and adapt to high-protection scenarios.


Eight ports serial device server realizes data transmission of more devices. As a result, network diagnostics become simple and convenient, which simplifies the management process and meets large-scale and complex requirements. Current application areas include industrial automation, unattended weighing, and smart parking.