How to Profit in the New Market like 4G Router?

4G router has emerged for years, and it has been increasingly applied in the IOT industry. It has even come to replace other products of similar functions.


4G router is only used in a few areas such as wifi hot point, wifi on the public transportation, but it is more widely used in industrial sectors, including industrial monitoring, intelligent traffic, financial industry, power industry, environmental protection sector, water conservancy industry, etc. USRIOT USR-G800 is a industrial 4G router, which can be used to provide intelligent project control resolution to gas checking sensor, oil-well devices, etc., terminal wireless networking resolution to lots, ticket printers, etc., wireless communication resolution to intelligent delivery cabinet, resolution to public bike distance management, resolution to intelligent charger, resolution to urban public transportation, etc. You may refer to USR-G800(industrial 4g router) product specification for detail.


4G router is characterized by flexible deployment, availability to message gateway, access by USB, simple operation, accessibility to APP, distance monitoring of device states, rapid configuration, restarting, distance assistance, etc. In a nutshell, compared with 3G router, it is an improved hot product which has also aroused a wide attention in the industry. In addition, the innovative thinking contained can be deeply thought of.


The core of hot products is due to our innovative environment and business model which have made a huge shift. In the past few years, Xiaomi surpassed Sumsung to be the top 1 in the Android phones, owing to nothing but the fact that it meets the needs of users. Quality products with favorable cost performance and the concept of emotion led Xiaomi to be the company with the highest value in the world. Therefore, 4G router does have a huge opportunity on the market, and what 4G router companies need to do is to surpass the 3G router in the past. Apart from quality, they should also focus on function and innovation. More importantly, it should tells the reason for using 4G routers to users.


That is, 4G router will largely enhance the profit of company and strengthen its competitiveness on the market in a short time. Moreover, the difficulty of costomer service must be solved in the promotion og 4G router. Most industries are full of traditional companies, with some SOEs who do not care about the influence of shortages that 3G router or earlier products have on them.


In conclusion,


First, we must adhere to the philosophy that development is a must and products must be hot;


Second, we must prioritize products and grasp the opportunity to renew the 4G routers, so as not to bury good ideas for the inferior productivity.


Third, every company must taken hot products strategy as the top strategy for their Internet transformation.