Optimization and Upgrading of Industrial 4G Router with Multiple VPN Encryption Protocol

 Optimization and upgrading of  industrial 4G router( USR-G808 and USR-G806)

  • Master the core technology
  • Distance monitoring
  • Auto identification SIM
  • multiple VPN encryption protocol
  • Intranet permeation
  • MAC speed limitation
  • Shift website type automatically


7 Optimization and upgrading of industrial 4G routers USR-G808 and USR-G806


1.The optimization includes adding new encryption methods to the original PPTP and L2TP protocol;

our encryption protocols have been added, namely, IPSEC, OPENVPN, GRE and SSTP.


2.GPRS/3G/4G network shifting automatically

Support the automatic shifting of GPRS/3G/4G network, to connect the network with the strongest signal.


3.Support message AT commend

It can inquire operational information of industrial 4G router and set parameter of router with message AT command.


4.Peanut shell intranet penetration

It can access intranet devices directly when registering on the offical website of peanut shell.


5.Additional function of IP and MAC speed limitation

Limit the network speed of corresponding data of intranet ip section and mac


6.Support DMZ and NAT function

DMZ is a host which reflects all ports of WAN address to the intranet.

NAT is to take the source address of data bag as the designated address


7.Additional distance upgrading and distance monitoring function

Operational information of router can be monitored, parameter can be set, and fixed component can be upgraded, through distance platform.