How to use LoRa module to detect electrical fault in farm grid?

How to use LoRa module to detect electrical fault in farm grid?

LoRa sensors which based on LoRa can detect electric fault of farm grid, so that LoRa module can help user to manage and maintain farm grid with fewest employees economically and efficiently.

It is an essential work to make sure the power with no fails. If the electricity fails, irrigation pump will stop working, one-time electricity fails can cause damage to crops. Through remote monitoring several acres of farm grid, IOT can against such challenges. The biggest challenge which against remote monitoring farm grid is how to transmit data from power sensor whose data is collected from posts and electric towers.


Usually the networking of remote monitoring is not steady, so it is necessary that sensor data replace communication channel. The revolution must meet the following demands: 

  • Low cost, can be installed in dozens of posts.
  • Durable enough to withstand harsh weather conditions
  • Easy to install and don't require much configurations.
  • Be able to run independently, it is no need to change new batteries for years.
  • The ability to transmit sensor data over long distances (power failure alarm)


LoRa module-WH-L101-C- An Module which is suitable for detect electrical fault in farm grid.

LoRa module is a low power consumption LPWAN product, which is applicable for applications in the European 433 MHz industrial-scientific-medical (ISM) band, LoRa (short for long range) which name comes from its low power consumption transmission capability.

Transmission between terminal device and LoRa gateway distribute in different frequency channels, it depends on the scope of the communication and the duration of the message. The LoRa module which costs about 10 yuan is embedded in the sensor device and transmitted over 2000 meters in an area without obstacles. By using a single AA battery, Lora Module can keep working for over 10 years.

 Lora wireless transmission system

Data from terminal device is transmitted to the LoRa gateway (USR-LG220-L) wirelessly, then data is transmitting forward to the IoT platform (USR Cloud) via a standard IP connection or SIM card (transparent cloud). USR Cloud will issue a service request to the maintenance engineer to repair the damaged power line.

USRIOT is focusing on solving IOT networking problems and cooperate their partners push the LoRa solutions to the market.



Although agriculture is facing various challenges, but creative IOT solution which based on Lora is helping farmers grow more crops.