The difference between multi ports Serial Device Server and 1 port Serial Device Server

Serial device server which is also called serial to ethernet converter, serial device server can realize transmission between rs458/232/422 and ethernet without programming work with which to improve the work efficiency, reduce mistakes and save manpower and money. 

According to the different transmission of serial device server, serial device server has two kinds of which are wired serial device server and wireless serial device server. According to the number of serial ports, there are 1 port serial device server, 2 ports serial device server and 4 ports serial device server and 8 ports serial device server.

serial device servers - USRIOT

serial device servers - USRIOTserial device servers - USRIOT

So, the number of serial ports is different, what is the different in function?


Multi ports serial device server is a serial to ethernet converter which can transmit UART(RS485/232/422) to ethernet. Serial device server is an independent smart device with CPU, embedded OS and TCP/IP protocol. It can make several RS485/232/422 serial device transmit connection rapidly.


Because of Multi ports serial device server has multi serial ports, so it needs more variable, fast functions such as CPU etc. Therefore, it is not difficult to find that the frequency and scene of application of multi ports serial device server are often less than that of single serial port server in industrial daily solutions.


1 port serial device server, as its name implies, which has one serial port, but it can also realize transmission between UART(RS485/232/422) to ethernet bidirectionally. USRIOT’s 1 port serial device server USR-N510 only has one port, when user are using, dial switch all down can connect RS 232 port, dial switch all up can connect RS485 port, first dial switch up on the left then dial switch down on the right can connect RS422 port.


The choice of purchasing multiple ports serial device server or purchasing single port serial device server mainly depends on the specific needs of user under specific applications. If the budget of purchasing serial device server is enough, also user need to connect several sets of terminal equipments or industrial PLCs, user can select multi ports serial device server to meet the communication networking requirements of multiple devices.


If user do not need to connect several sets of terminal equipments, it might be a best choice to choose 1 port serial device server.