I/O Controller of USRIOT

Considering the various deploy issues, USRIOT has released networking I/O controller to solve industry issues and help users to realize remote control.


Different models, different versions of I/O controller, can cover various needs of most customers.

USRIOT’s I/O controller include 4 way and 8 way I/O controllers to support GPRS, Ethernet, and Wifi networking mode. USRIOT’s I/O controller can realize local control, LAN Setting, remote control etc.


Support USR Cloud function, save cost, can easily set.

USRIOT’s I/O Controller support USR Cloud, user can realize remote control after powering on. User can control mobile device through PC or mobile, it is easy to use. USRIOT can provide user SDK and Demo source code for secondary development to realize enrich more functions. It is convenient for user use I/O controller to adjust the device according to their need.


Two work modes of I/O controller

There are two work modes of I/O controller which are master mode and slave mode, switch, it is suitable for different applications.

In slave mode, I/O controller can connect to master device or work as single device.

In master mode, I/O controller can connect to multiple slave device by RS485 cascading connection.


Function-Moisture-proof, dust-proof, anticorrosive

In the beginning period of designing USRIOT’s I/O controller, USRIOT’s I/O controller was configured more secure functions, such as Moisture-proof, dust-proof, anticorrosive, hardware protection, electrostatic damage equipment prevents, ESD, watchdog in case of data lose.

 Modify parameter easily, Manage program fast



Conditional control function supports user configuring the conditions to trigger I/O changes, User only needs to modify conditional control function register parameters, it will realize corresponding function.


USRIOT’s I/O controller is commonly used in intelligent lamp control, industrial automation, integrated management of hotel facilities, self-service supermarket, etc.

I/O Controller application- distribution box solution

I/O Controller application- smart hotel management


USRIOT is a network communication expert of industrial IOT, USRIOT has been focusing on industrial transmission field for 7 years. USRIOT is committed to offering IOT products and IOT solutions that meet a wide range of applications and requirements.  USRIOT is looking forward to cooperate with more partners and build a brilliant future together.