7 Problems to be Concerned Prior to Purchasing Industrial 4G Module

4G module will suffer unfavorable environments and work constantly for years when used in industrial environment. However, not all 4G modules can be adaptable to the industrial environment, so there are 7 problems to be concerned before the purchase.

1.Is the 4G module designed for industrial application

 Not all modules can bear the unfavorable environment in the industrial application. The industrial strengthen shell and embedded firm installment hardware allow the device to run in an extreme temperature stably for a long time.


2.Can it work in extreme weather?

 Qualified industrial 4G module can work under any circumstance, whether cold frozen earth or some places wet and hot. For instance, USRIOT 4G module G405tf can work within the temperature from -20℃ to +70℃, applicable to most bad environment.


3.Can it be set with one click?

Industrial application may involve hundreds or even thousands of devices to run within a broad territorial region. As for the efficiency, operational cost and maintenance plan of devices, it is critical to manage all devices with an application program to support all their functions such as monitoring, distance firmware and batch modification.


4.Is it easy to install?

 It must be ensured that 4G module can be installed as required. Installment can be simplified, and operational cost can be saved through some special function such as firm installment, DIN track installment, led angle, integrated heat sink.


5.Can it realize data transmission with other devices?

4G module with common port can be expanded and integrated into the exiting devices more easily. For instance, RS-232 used for serial, kilomega ethernet used for local communication and GPIO used for expansion, all can be used to simplify the deployment.


6.Can it collaborate with multiple mobile phone services?

In China, major cellular operators require different configurations. Some gateways provide network to operators for exchange so that single product can cooperate with any other operators, which means users only need to change SIM card to use service set in the covered area.


7.Can it be used worldwide?

The design of 2G and 3G module is not applicable to 4G network, but industrial 4G LTE device such as industrial 4g lte modem(USR-G781) and industrial LTE 4G router(USR-G806-A) is compatible to 2G and 3G network, which makes the installment more flexible without constraint to certain geographic region.