8 Common Functions of Serial Device Server

1.TCP Server

As for TCP servers, serial devices play the same function as TCP servers, and other devices server as the client sides to connect serial device servers and send requests to serial devices through serial device servers.


2.TCP Client

As for TC client, serial devices have the same function as TCP client side, and serial devices can connect TCP servers through serial servers.



It can be divided into UDP Server and UDPL Client, and their functions are similar to TCP Server and TCP Client.

Many serial device servers will provide supporting parameter configuration software which can search the corresponding serial device servers through UDP protocol.


4.http server

As http server, the serial device is equal to http server.

Some serial server can search, modify parameter or upgrade firmware through the function as http server.

However, it need to know the IP or domain name of http server in advance.


5.http client

As http client, the serial device server as an http client side

It can connect http serve through serial device server.



serial device server as DNS server can gain IP address dynamically.

If serial device server connects server external network such as Baidu, it can analyze the IP address of baidu.com, which needs to set outsource DNS server.


7.Static IP address

serial device server can set the IP address by users.



The function can acquire the IP address of serial device server in the light of the name of serial device server.