Function of Serial Device Server


when serial device server and network device are under the same network, it can fulfill the communication between network device and serial device through UPnP. Generally, it supports TCP and UDP.


2.User-defined MAC address

Serial device server generally has a unique MAC address, but part of serial device servers provides the function of self-defined MAC address to facilitate the LAN to remember MAC address.



Serial device servers can connect external network through PPPOE function to dial to access.


4.Modbus protocol convert

Serial device servers can provide Modbus protocol convert to protocols as follows.


5.Serial parameter setting

It can define serial parameter by users.


6.AT command

It can modify parameters of serial server or control serial device server through AT command.


7.ADC collection

It can collect analog signal through ADC.


8.IO input and output

Network devices or serial devices can make IO input and output through serial device server.



The function can restart the serial device server when it halts abnormally.


10.Firmware renewal