Brief Introduction of Industrial IOT

Industrial IOT is derived from industrial automation, which has undergone a development from dumb sensor, digital sensor, intelligent sensor to embedded sensor. It has been micro, intelligent, informational and networked step by step. Industrial IOT makes traditional company information system to expand to Internet, so as to fulfill a broader automation based on Internet, including distance monitoring, distance maintenance, plant management, etc.

Industrial IOT enjoys a core philosophy of the full integration of information security technology, network communication technology and broad automation technology. Industrial IOT applies information technology of the new generation into all industries. To be specific, it has embedded and installed sensors into power grid, railway, bridge, channel, highway, water supply system, dam, oil and gas pipe, etc. It has integrated the human society and physical system to manage and control staffs, machines, devices and infrastructures in the network in real time, and in the end, it reaches a state of intelligent manufacture, thus improving the resource utility and productivity.