Common Applications of Industrial IOT

From the point of technological development and application prospect, the application of industrial IOT can mainly be divided into five groups:


1.Supply chain management

Application of industrial IOT in the supply chain management is based on the industrial IOT technology to manage the supply chain the input and output link in a intelligent way. For instance, petrochemical companies will use it to trace the transportation of raw material and semi-product and control the overall amount.


2.Technological optimization in the process of production

Industrial IOT can be used to optimize the technology in the process of production by introducing the intelligent industrial IOT technology to a larger extent to help companies to solves its difficulty in technological ability and techniques. The case is injection molding machine industry. General companies see a difficulty in solve the problem of yield, but industrial IOT can be used to provide processing state and real-time data on the site to experts in distance to analyze, so as to put forward corresponding resolutions.


3.Monitoring and maintenance of products and devices

Various sensing technologies can be integrated with manufacture technologies to record and diagnose the fault in the operation of products and devices through distance monitoring. Using industrial IOT technology, it can realize the service third-party agent maintenance, and using industrial IOT to fulfill effective and reliable one-to-more commercial service mode.


4.Environmental protection monitoring and energy resource management

The application of industrial IOT in the environmental protection monitoring and energy resources management is a typical industrial application. Through the topic analysis and management of common factors of companies, industrial IOT takes the technology as the base and operation platform to introduce virtual operators of industrial IOT to fulfill new industrial types and commercial models. For instance, in terms of energy resource management, it organically connect government organs in macro level, enterprises in micro level, energy conservation supplier, higher education institutes and scientific research institutes through industrial IOT to integrate energy resources information and data, and it depends on the technological system and platform provided by industrial IOT virtual operator to accomplish various services and applications.


5.Industrial and public security management

Application of industrial IOT in industrial security and public security refers to using industrial IOT technology to make technological output in relevant fields, so as to fulfill relevant function. Taking the application in the public security in urban areas, industrial IOT technology can integrate the mass data of various structure across departments and across industries and provide efficient and real-time supporting platform and general technology, so that urban public security field can make quick responds.