What is Industrial IOT


The word “industrial” in the expression of industrial IOT may lead to misunderstanding. Some may hold that the term is applicable to the IOT application used in manufacture field; in fact, manufacture is estimated to be the largest IOT platform by 2021, with a market value of 438 million USD. The sector also leads the IOT industry in investment.


As a matter of fact, industrial IOT has covered the connection of devices in all industries (not only manufacture industry):


In the medical and health care sectors, there are wearable devices, mobile application and data-based diagnosis technology can be used to change the way of registering and diagnosis.


In the business, companies can make the use of intelligent architecture to optimize the use of energy resources (almost half of energy resources used for architecture have been wasted.)


In retail industry, industrial IOT can be used to improvement efficiency of supply chain.


In the transportation industry, connected sensors can be used to manage cold chain, optimize the fuel consumption and maintain the track team.


As for the public affairs, national power companies has deployed intelligent power grid technology to test and isolate power failure, prioritize urgent service and gather the power generation system of clients into the power grid.


More and more cases can be used to demonstrate the fact that all industries can be benefited by IOT, far beyond the manufacture industry.