Challenges in the Implementation of Industrial IOT

Industrial IOT sees a huge potential in cost saving and efficiency promotion, but it is also confronted a challenge in its implementation. Most companies have already spent a huge amount of capital in operation and technology, and these technologies may not need to connect the network beyond local network. Then, how can we capture data flow and route it back to the existing data management software system, whilst ensuring the security of data flow?


In the ensuing few years, the real innovation will be the way to acquire data from the general line of local connected devices in the production facilities and analyzing data gained from private cloud. For example, supposing that you produce a facility which is used to measure the temperature and amount of additives in the food for food manufacturer, then the facility is used, yet it has created a closed process.


If you need to monitor its operation state and help clients to solve the problem and set the facility in distance, it needs to connect the facility to Internet to share the data produced. For this sake, wifi might be a good choice, but it is your clients’ manufacture factories using the facility rather than you that they may not allow you to use the facility. At this time, your have not choice but to use specialized connection resolution or build a resolution of your own.


How to access industrial IOT field? The largest challenge for industrial IOT is system integration. In the system, sensors, radio, controller and software need to serve as a part of the system to work together. Given there is a large number of competitive protocols and technologies, it is impossible to have a standard in a wide range in the foreseeable future.