7 Unexpected IOT Applications

IOT can be used in various industries to help companies or factories to improve their efficiency, lower cost and drive the growth of income. There are some unexpected applications of IOT as follows.


1.Monitor prisoners

Due to privacy, it is not a easy task to make an application to trace, but it is not a difficult in the prison, because those in charge of prisons must watch the movement of prisoner anytime. Then, trace devices embedded with GPS module can be used on prisoners to position through programming on the cloud platform. If a prisoner moves beyond the area for movement or stays at a certain place for a long time, the device will alarm.


2.Trace rhinoceros

In South Africa, USRIOT module is used to trace rhinoceros in natural reserves. Game inspectors will drill a hole on its horn and insert a GPS trace device which will send the information of location to gateway through wireless network. It allows inspectors in the natural reserves to know the location of all rhinoceros. If there are poacher over closing to the reserves, more personnel can be dispatched to protect rhinoceros.


3.The first respondent

If army, firemen, police or other first respondent are dispatched to the area uncovered by their cellular network such as channel of subway and epicenter of earthquake, IOT devices can help them to send messages to those to be found.


4.Security and protection system of schools

Recently, a cooperative developer of USRIOT has produced a set of professional intelligent campus defense system based on LoRa which allows teachers and administrators to close or open the gate with a button. With a digital monitoring device embedded with 4G module and infrared sensing system based on LoRa, infrared sensing siren will alarm once there is anyone climb across the wall into the school.


5.Monitor the traffic flow in the urban areas

There are some cities which have already developed specialized software for finding parking places. Many cities suffer a difficulty in finding parking place. As such, governments work to include the parking places in the cities into the IOT system to facilitate citizens to find parking places.


6.Trace skiers and skis

IOT has covered most ski fields across the country. Because skiing is a relatively dangerous sports, trace devices can be used to find skiers quickly when they have accidents


7. Investigation on clients satisfaction

In this application, IOT is used to capture the mood of clients. If there are many clients who are unsatisfied with a certain business office, their companies will make further investigation.