USRIOT Works with Inspur Cloud to Co-build an Industrial Internet Ecological Platform

In 2018, USRIOT signed ecological partnership strategy cooperation frame agreement with Inspur to build industrial Internet platform.

At present, intelligent manufacture strategy has been advancing on the level of the nation. As the ever-deepening of transformation of companies, industrial Internet has been a powerful driving force for the transformation and development of industrial companies. In the cooperation, it is agreed that two companies will carry out collaboration in cloud computing, big data, industrial networking and communication, etc., to build an ecological platform for industrial Internet together, thus providing users with more industrial Internet resolution.

USRIOT Works with Inspur Cloud to Co-build an Industrial Internet Ecological Platform

About Inspur Group

Inspur is one of the local large IT companies with comprehensive strengthen, leading the country in cloud computing and cloud identification, as an advance server of information technology products and resolutions. Depending on the overall technical strengthen in cloud computing and big data and long-term experience and industrial ecological layout in informization of service companies, Inspur is providing service to about 600,000 companies of all sizes, with top 500 companies in China included.



USRIOT is a leading brand in industrial IOT industry in China, dedicated to the R & D, production and sales of industrial networking communication module and devices. It is an advanced IOT resolution provider and IIOT whole-industrial chain trade server, working to provide clients with efficient, complete and integrated industrial networking resolution.


In the future, both companies will further play their strengthen of brand, technical and resources out to provide all industries with reliable, stable and quality Internet service, so as to imbue new momentum for the comprehensive industrial transformation and upgrading and the prosperity of digital economy.