USRIOT I/O Controller to Make Distance Control Easier

Considering the reality of device deployment, USRIOT has released network I/O controller to help users to fulfill distance control to the devices.


USRIOT network IO is divided into two types with 8 ways and 4 ways respectively, and it supports multiple communication approaches such as GPRS, ethernet, Wi-Fi, etc., with various function of local control, LAN setting, distance control and so on to meed the diverse needs of users.


USRIOT series I/O Controller can access to service free of charge to monitor in distance with no need for programming; after the device is connected to, the user can use PC or mobile end to control distance devices quickly, easy and simple; supports mini program of WeChat to control in distance. It also provides original code of SDK and Demo to facilitate the development for the second time, fulfilling more abundant functions.


After being powered on, USRIOT network IO Controller can control in distance easily through Users can use PC or mobile phone to adjust the state and monitor the site from multiple aspects around the clock , so as to master the overall situation in real time, saving both human effort and costs.


USRIOT is a specialist in industrial IOT communication, engaged to the industrial IOT communication service for years, and it has been dedicated to providing users with communication products, technologies and resolutions based on industrial IOT technology, so as to “connect value and be connected by value” as well as to make progress with more partners.