How to Guarantee the Stability of Industrial 4G Router?

What factors can guarantee the stability of industrial 4G routers in the transmission process?

stability of usriot industrial 4g router

1. Chip scheme
The core of the industrial 4G router is the chip fixed on the circuit board, like the CPU in the computer, which grasps the core data of the equipment work. So the importance of chips does not need to explain. At present, the common industrial 4G router chips on the market mostly use 32-bit processor, high performance embedded structure, working frequency as high as 580 MHz, strong acceptance ability, signal stability, faster transmission. It can provide stable and reliable data transmission network for power distribution network, industrial automation, intelligent parking and other projects, which can meet the needs of a year that 365 days and 7 days * 24 hours long stable operation without dropping off line.

2. Hardware Circuit Protection
Industrial 4G routers are often used in harsh industrial scenarios. They are different from home routers that work in greenhouses for a long time. Therefore, they need a variety of hardware protection to ensure reliable data transmission. For example, the hardware protection functions such as prevent reverse connection of power supply, anti-surge, anti-static and so on can be used in underground, tunnel excavation and other humid environment. Even dams or factories and reservoirs can normally execute network data transmission.

3. Watchdog protection
The watchdog of industrial 4G router is an activation mechanism, which is mainly divided into hardware and software. Software watchdog is a program monitoring mechanism added to industrial 4G router. Once a part of software abnormalities or errors are found in the process of data transmission, the watchdog code will start the software protection function.

The hardware watchdog is a small single chip microcomputer added to the circuit board of the equipment, which runs the whole monitoring equipment program. Therefore, this program is simple, there will be no abnormalities, so when the main program is abnormal and the software watchdog can not wake up, the hardware watchdog will power off and restart, reset the program of the whole device. The equipment can be guaranteed 7*24 hours without downtime.

4. Timing Restart
When the signal of our home router is not working well, we can restart manually, but industrial 4G routers are often used in industrial sites, and the layout is relatively dispersed. If there is no need for special processing, it usually does not spend too much manpower to maintain the industrial routers. Therefore, the timing restart function is also a necessary function to ensure the stability of routers. Industrial router settings are restarted regularly every day, which will also ensure the stability of the industrial router when it works.

5. Antenna signal

In theory, the coverage of industrial 4G routers can usually reach more than 100m, mainly depending on the high gain WIFI antenna of 3 dbi. If the 4G network is used, there is also a 5 dbi full-frequency rod-like antenna. High quality antenna accessories can add points for stable data transmission.
What if there are frequent dropouts of industrial 4G routers?
Firstly, check whether the network of SIM card is stable. If the SIM card has no problem, we can test the WAN port and LAN port, as well as the IP settings. If there are no problems about all that, you can go to the technical support center to submit the problems, and the technical support staff will answer them for you in 20 minutes.