how to remotely control the industrial 4G router through public network IP?

Industrial 4G router can support remote control and provide flow monitoring and alarm mechanism, which facilitates the unified management of technicians, reduces network failures, and facilitates the later maintenance of equipment.

So how to remotely control the industrial 4G router through public network IP?

Log on USRIOT monitoring platform, after registering the accounts, the "monitoring screen" function in the system can be used to monitor the equipment remotely.

Compared with other industrial routers on the market, it does not need to login and set up the various parameters of operation process, set up the Web server port and other tedious steps. It is very simple to realize remote control operation through Youren industrial routers.

At the same time, the WAN port IP of the router is checked at the device side, and the browser is logged on through the public network by the computer, and the IP address of the WAN port of the router is input and accessed.

In this operation process, there are a few small problems that you may often encounter. For example,

WAN port IP keeps changing, how to solve it?

With the help of DNS domain name resolving function, this phenomenon can be avoided. Specifically, click on the system service - dynamic DNS, take peanut shell as an example, find the corresponding domain name information of peanut shell, and use the domain name of peanut shell to access the router directly in the public network.

If there are multiple WAN ports connected to multiple broadband networks at the same time, which WAN port IP should be used when accessing the industrial 4G router through the public network? To confirm whether the WAN port IP is a network IP, it is safe to use any WAN port for remote access.