GPRS Module and Its Application Field

Brief introduction of GPRS module

GPRS module is a device that converts serial data into GPRS network data. It is a wireless network module product that sends data to the Internet public network server through TCP/UDP protocol and converts the data sent by the Internet public network server into serial data. GPRS module supports 4-way network connection and on-line at the same time. It is stable, reliable and high price/performance ratio. It is an ideal industrial GPRS network transmission module.

Application Field of GPRS Module

GPRS module is designed to connect industrial automation serial devices, such as PLC, sensors, meters, motors, drivers, bar code reader and display.

GPRS network data transmission module is widely used in attendance machine, access control system, Canteen Vending machine, POS system, building control, fire control monitoring, banking system, computer room monitoring, UPS monitoring, power, oil field, environmental monitoring, industrial applications and other fields.

GPRS serial to network data transmission module is suitable for public network monitoring projects and projects with APN virtual private network.