Christmas is coming, are you ready now?

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Hello, everybody,Christmas is coming, are you ready now?


Jinan USR IOT Technology Limited prepares to launch marketing promotions during Christmas season 1st Dec.~20th Dec 2018 to express our appreciation to all customers for long-term supports.

Welcome to to select the following top-rated items:


Low Cost Serial to Ethernet Converter:

USR-TCP232-302 USR-TCP232-304 USR-TCP232-306

Industrial Serial Ethernet Converter

USR-TCP232-410s USR-N510 USR-N520 USR-N540

Ethernet Module


Industrial 4G LTE Router

USR-G806-A American Version

USR-G806-E European Version

Serial 4G Modem

USR-GPRS232-730  2G Modem

USR-G781-E/AU  2G/3G/4G Modem

Serial to WIFI Converter



Come to Jinan USR IOT Technology for Christmas Gifts!


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