One Common reasons for industrial 4G routers not being able to access the network

Firstly, confirm whether the SIM card is identified successfully

Although the industrial 4G router has the networking function, it mainly relies on the cellular network of the SIM card for networking. If the SIM card is not a 4G signal, the 4G signal of the industrial router cannot be started for networking. If the SIM card has poor environmental signal, the flow is used up, or the software can not be identified (no service), networking can definitely not be realized.


Secondly, whether the antenna is working properly

The antenna is the medium for receiving signals, the power of routers without the antenna is very small. The maximum power is only about 150M. The more antennas, the greater the power. And penetration is very weak, sometimes even the cases that it can not be connected to the Internet appear. Therefore, when the industrial 4G router is used for networking, the antenna must be clearly checked.


Thirdly, confirm the operator's support for frequency band

If the operator’s frequency band does not support, networking will not be realized. If you want to use telecom 2G/3G, do not buy a 5-mode 12-frequency industrial 4G router, or you will not be able to connect to the Internet.


Fourthly, fixed version confirmation

USRIOT industrial 4G routers will be equipped with firmware version. If the firmware is not upgraded, it will not be able to meet the networking requirements if the function is not supported.


Finally, reset the router

Normally, after inserting the SIM card to the industrial router, according to the instruction manual, make simple product connection, log on the setting web page to do simple parameter setting, this can realize the networking requirement, if the above items are checked, the Internet is still connected successfully, you can restore the factory setting.

Reset method: Use the pin to press the Reload key for 3-15 seconds, industrial 4G routers resetting can be realized.