Which kind of industrial 4g routers is best?

If you have any doubt about“ which kind of industrial 4g routers is best”, it must be on that best fits your project. When selecting, you can purchase the router that best fits you according to the project requirement.


Interface selection

When purchasing an industrial 4g router, the first thing to consider is the interface form and quantity. If the interface form does not meet the requirements, then the project will naturally not go smoothly. Industrial 4g routers usually have LAN ports and WAN ports, and some also have Ethernet serial port RS232 (or RS485/424 interface). If the project is indoor and convenient to connect the Internet, it is necessary to make a wired layout.

In addition, the interface quantity also needs to be considered, the market price of 1*LAN+1*WAN interface industrial 4g router is two or three hundred yuan more than 4*LAN+1*WAN device. If the project does not need so many LAN ports, you can choose the device with less quantity and low cost.


Carrying quantity selection

Carrying quantity is divided into wired carrying quantity and wireless carrying quantity, therefore, carrying quantity is closely related to the interface of the equipment. If the industrial 4g router with no serial port is selected, the carrying quantity will be less. Wireless carrying quantity usually is divided into maximum carrying quantity and concurrence carrying quantity. The maximum carrying quantity will be calculated once the equipment connection is started, and the concurrence carrying quantity is the online data page view.

Generally, industrial 4g routers on the market carry 24 machines with concurrent capacity, or max 50 machines, it can be selected according to the project’s actual status.


VPN and encryption options

Data is the biggest commercial value, more and more people pay attention to the data privacy, the virtual private network channel transmission mode is secure, and there are industrial transmission 4g routers with various encryption transmission modes.