Is the GPS module for asset tracking worth the investment?

For a long time, asset protection has been the driving force behind the insurance industry. However, no insurance can provide against loss, sometimes, what the insurance company  compensates can not meet the loss of valuables at all, many things can not be calculated by money. GPS asset tracking equipment is a very precious tool, it can help you know about every aspect of the current situation, make you able to do some things. GPS provides a positive and active way to protect the asset, you can have 24-hour real-time access to location and valuable personal or business asset statistics.


Many functions of GPS asset tracking system:

GPS asset tracking system will provide you with the information you need when you need it. Track the location of valuable assets; Fleet tracking and scheduling, driver monitoring, direction change, speed, driving and parking reports, danger zone alerts, stolen items tracking and many other applications.


Is the hardware GPS modules based on satellites worth investment?

In your project, add GPS modules to construct the tracking system, you must pay some certain costs, whether you can get a return on your investment depends entirely on what your business is and the utilization of data that your GPS system collects. According to Wenheng’s after-sales statistics, forty percent of customers reportedly achieve a return on investment in six months, 35 percent reportedly achieve cost recovery in 7 to 12 months, and 19 percent reportedly achieve cost recovery in 13 to 24 months.


Generally speaking, the two biggest sources of return on investment are cost reductions:


Fuel: Information about driving patterns, free time, and fuel consumption will help your logistics more efficient.


Salary cost: Know your own tracking will be faster than drivers being tracked, spend less time in one place and travel faster over routes.