Industrial serial device server features and working principle

Industrial serial device server internally integrates HTTP, IP, TCP, ICMP, ARP, SOCK5, UDP, DNS, etc. RS-485/422 conversion provides automatic data control. RS-232/422/485 three-in-one serial interface, 300-230.4KBPS baud rate. It supports dynamic IP (DHCP) and static IP, gateways and proxy servers, and can transfer data over the Internet. It provides data bidirectional transparent transmission, users do not need to make any modifications to the original system. All serial ports have built-in 600W lightning protection. 10/100M Ethernet, automatically detect direct connection or crossover. Multiple connections can be supported at the same time.

Industrial serial device server is a communication interface converter for data conversion between RS-232/485/422 and TCP/IP. It provides RS-232/485/422 terminal serial port and TCP/IP network data bidirectional transparent transmission, provides the function of converting serial to network, solution of RS-232/485/422 to network . It can make the serial device immediately connect to the network.

With the Internet becoming widely popular, "Let all devices connect to the network" has become the consensus of enterprises all over the world. In order to keep up with the network automation and not lose the competitive advantages, a high-quality networking system for data collection, production monitoring, and immediate cost management must be established. Use TCP/IP-based serial data stream transmission to control the device hardware of management without investing a lot of manpower and material resources to manage, replace or upgrade.

Industrial serial device server makes TCP/IP-based serial data stream transmission possible, it can connect multiple serial devices and select and process serial data streams, convert existing RS232 interface data into IP port data, then perform IP management, IP data access, this allows traditional serial data to be sent to popular IP channels without the need to prematurely eliminate existing equipment so as to increase the utilization of existing equipment, save investment, and simplify the wiring complexity on existing networks. The serial server completes storage control of communication data between connection-oriented RS232 link and wireless connection Ethernet. The system processes various data, processes the serial data stream from the serial device, and performs format conversion to make it a data frame that can be transmitted in the Ethernet; Judge the data frame from Ethernet and convert it into a serial data to deliver to the serial device with response.