The difference between the GPRS module and the GSM module

The GSM module is a functional module that integrates a GSM radio frequency chip, a baseband processor chip, a memory and a power amplifier device on a circuit board, having an independent operating system, GSM radio frequency processing, baseband processing and a standard interface. Both GPRS module and GSM module belong to the type of data wireless transparent transmission modules, which are often confused by people.

 GPRS is a general packet wireless service, and GSM is a global mobile communication system. It can be said that GPRS is a continuation on the basis of GSM system and develops functions of packet data carrying and transmission. Simply speaking, GSM is circuit switching system and GPRS is packet switching system. The difference can be seen between the two from many aspects.

1.Network Signal

In terms of the network requirements, the requirement of GSM network signal is lower while  the requirement of GPRS network signal is relatively higher, similar to the network signal of the mobile phone, it is OK to send messages with one-bar signal, but there is an obstacle to make the call.


2.Transmission Distance

In terms of the transmission distance, the GPRS module and the GSM module can be said to be on the same level, 4G routers and 4G modules can transmit data domestically where there are signals, but the size of the transmitted data is different. One packet of the GSM module can only transmit 130 bytes, while a packet of the GPRS module can transmit 1024 bytes.


3.Transmission Method
The transmission of GSM module is equivalent to 2G frequency band, and the transmission band of the GPRS module is equivalent to 2.5G, which can be seen that the transmission speed of the GPRS module is fast.


4.Access Speed
 Compared with GSM's 9.6kbps access speed, 4G routers and 4G modules GPRS have 171.2kbps access speed, the speed that is more than ten times has been favored by most people. GPRS is not only fast in access speed, but also extremely short in connecting request time, and GSM takes 10-30 seconds.


5.Application Environment
In terms of the application environment, the GSM module is suitable for the environment where the amount of data is relatively small and the acquisition interval is large, such as electricity meter data collection. The application environment suitable for the GPSR module is one that a single data volume is relatively big and the data acquisition has a high frequency.

6. Cost Comparison

 For the cost, GSM is charged according to the connection time, and GPRS only needs to be charged according to the data traffic; The cost of GSM is much cheaper than that of 3G, the price is relatively low, if there is no requirement for video calls and Internet access, the GSM module is more suitable.