What are the functions of Industrial 4G LTE Modem of USRIOT?

Industrial 4G data transmission terminal is an IP modem terminal based on a cellular wireless communication network, it is a 4G serial converter specially used for converting LTE/TDD/FDD serial to wireless data or wireless to serial data. The 4G Modem product of USRIOT is Industrial 4G LTE Modem-USR-G781.

USR-G781 is a wireless data transmission terminal module that uses a 4G network for data transmission. After the serial port data is packaged to TCP or UDP, it is sent to the remote center server IP address.


As DTU used in the power industry, the difference from the ordinary DTU is that the requirements of the products are higher. First is anti-electromagnetic interference, second is temperature adaptability, finally is that the terminal interface used shall be connected reliably connection and multiple data can be collected! 4G LTE Modem-USR-G781 of USRIOT has strong functions:

  • Support American version, European version and Austrian version.
  • 2 RJ45 port, one can be WAN or LAN port and another one can be LAN port.
  • Support VPN(PPTP) client.
  • Support static routing
  • Support Firewall and QoS
  • Support DDNS
  • Support NTP to check the time.
  • Support TCP/UDP client mode and server mode.
  • Support identity packet and heartbeat packet.
  • Support Serial to HTTP format
  • Support upgrading firmware via FTP.
  • Integrated Hardware and software watchdog timer.

Industrial Serial to Cellular Converter G781