The difference between power modem and ordinary modem

The difference between industrial modem and ordinary modem is mainly resisting the disturbance from the environmental factors and special transmission protocols.


1.Work Temperature
Industrial modem generally adopts wide temperature and wide pressure, industrial grade design, and the work temperature is generally withing the range of -40-85 °C so as to adapt to the harsh temperature test in the field during winter and summer. The work temperature of ordinary modem generally does not reach the requirements of industrial grade, and it is mostly in the range of -20-75 °C.


2.EMC Protection
EMC protection is electromagnetic compatibility electromagnetic radiation protection. The  power grid environment with tens of thousands of volts will generate very strong electromagnetic radiation interference.  Industrial modem makes a very strong protection against this environment. Radiation anti-interference, power frequency magnetic field anti-interference, and shock wave anti-interference level can reach level 3 and above.


3.Interface installation way
In order to adapt to the power grid environment, industrial modem is generally installed with full wiring terminals, its RS232/485 serial port and power supply are integrated into terminals to further improve the anti-interference ability. Ordinary modem does not adopt this installation way  because it does not have a strong electromagnetic environment.


4.Transmission Protocol
In addition to electromagnetic environmental factors, the power industry is also subject to special transmission protocols. 101 and 104 transmission protocols are widely used in data transmission of the power industry. Compared with ordinary modem,  indusrial modem supports both transmission protocols.


5.Power, 485, etc.

Generally speaking, in terms of power protection, the electrostatic protection level of power modem can reach four levels, and the EFT level and the power conduction anti-interference are up to level three; 485 anti-static level can reach level four, surge level three. It can be seen that the protection of industrial modem is specially strengthened.