USR-WIFI232-602 serial to WIFI converter

USR-WIFI232-602 serial to WIFI converter is a transparent transmission device of the company, the product has the characteristics of stability, high performance and high cost performance. It is a proven industrial grade product that can transfer large amounts of data while ensuring high speed. At the same time, this product has bi-directional transparent transmission function, strong anti-interference, also has simple and powerful application software, which can be set on web pages, mobile apps, PCs and tablets. Its strong performance and humanized user experience have always been favored by users.

Meanwhile, USRIOT also has a variety of high-performance serial to WIFI server, for example, it supports USR-WIFI232-610 with RS232/RS485 port and more powerful three-terminal intercommunication serial device server USR-WIFI232-630, which is convenient for users’ multiple choices.


USRIOT is a domestic networking communication brand, we adhere to the attitude of serious service to users, and constantly provide users with simple, reliable and affordable products. Nowadays USR wifi modules and wifi serial server has got CE certification, FCC certification, ROHS certification, TELEC certification and many other authoritative certifications, which is not only the recognition of the company's products but also the driving force for the company's moving forward.


A strong and prosperous country can guarantee the company's development. The application of USR modules in the 9.3 military parade makes our products to be considered and tested throughout China and the world. At the same time, this lets us build stronger confidence and belief. USRIOT will defend the glorious mission of sharing the same fate with our country, providing our customers and country with products having more powerful performance, better quality, more reasonable price and more humanized experience.